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Yoga means ‘Union’. It is an Indian spiritual and ascetic discipline.

Music Instrument

MRIDANGAM is a percussion instrument and is usually tuned with a small wooden block and a heavy stone.






Andhra Pradesh is associated with the divine dance form, as it were, Kuchipudi.



Bharatanatyam was a dance technique evolved in the South of India in Tamil Nadu and practised in the Shiva temples.

Carnatic Music

Indian classical music is categorized under two genres. They are Hindustani and Carnatic. Broadly Hindustani developed in the northern regions of the country.

Folk Dance

Tamilnadu had developed and fine-tuned the art of entertainment. The three modes of entertainment are classified as Iyal or Literature, Isai or Music and Nadagam or Dance/Drama. 

Dance Festival

The Indian Dance Festival is held every year during Dec-Jan in Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu. This Dance festival is organised Jointly by Department of Tourism, Govt. of Tamilnadu and Ministry of Tourism Govt.of India.

Music Festival

Thiruvaiyaru is the place where the great saint and musician Thyagaraja lived and attained samadhi. music festival, the Thyagaraja Aradhana is held every year in January.

Madras Music Academy

The Music Academy is one of the earliest established organisations to promote serious study of classical music in South India.