What is Medical Tourism
This is an Industry with billions of dollars annual turnover and also called as Health Tourism too. Travelling from one place to another or one country to another, in search of an affordable and good medical treatment is the simplest definition for the term “Medical Tourism”. Yester years witnessed people travelling from developing countries in search of specialized treatments that were not available in their countries, to the developed countries, paying a very high cost. It was only affordable for the Rich. The Trend was reversed, when the developing countries started providing high class Super Specialty Facilities at an affordable and reasonable cost. People from developed west and oil rich middle-East and many neighbouring countries too, travel to India for its best medical facilities. India is expected to record a 30% growth in this segment of tourism in 2015.

Why Tamilnadu?
Advantages for Medical Treatment in Tamil Nadu include : International Standard Hospitals, Departmental experts to take care of everything this required, reduced costs, availability of latest Technologies, Specially qualified Medical Practitioners, Emergency treatment or treatment at short notice, availability of Linguistic interpreters to make it more comfortable for patients puts the State of Tamil Nadu on top of this segment's list. This has recently spurred a new wave of medical tourism. As consumers are becoming aware of the high quality of these procedures in Tamil Nadu and India , insurance corporations have started offering medical cover in a multi dimensional format , hence the flow of medical tourists have increased in Tamil Nadu. Projection of future development aims at very big targets .
cheapCOST – it is an important factor in anything including the Medical Treatment all around the globe. The changing technologies, increasing classifications of treatment, escalating charges of Medical Professionals make the treatment affordability an uphill task for ever increasing list of diseases. The Western Countries are becoming exorbitantly expensive and the problem is compounded by the under insured or non- insured factor. India is the best available Cost affordable option. Asian countries are the most Cost Affordable destination with excellent and latest technologies along with professionals, among the best in the world. IBEF Study says, India offers : Open Heart Surgery , Liver Transplant, Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement packages at 30 to 50% lesser than Thailand, which is reported to be the only Asian Competitor to India in Medical Tourism. Apollo Hospitals first opened up at Chennai then followed by Fortis, Max, Escorts, Wockhardt, Sterling and Global ; Sankara Nethralaya and Agarwal Eye hospitals are some of the group hospital services available at best affordable cost in Tamil Nadu and in many other cities of India. More..

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