Awareness on Oral Health and its effects on General Health of people is increasing day by day among people, not only in India, but every where in the world. This field is basically a surgical centric Medical Procedure. These hospitals are with special Cross Infection Control processes as they deal with Saliva and Blood which can cause spread of infection. It becomes mandatory to have this infection under control in dentistry. Many Multi Specialty Dental Centers deliver a high standard of dental care in a world class environment with strict cross infection control procedures, equipped with state of the art dental equipments and team of Highly qualified dentists with an aim to revolutionize dentistry without any compromise in standards and guidelines. Dentistry offers oral & Maxillofacial treatment, Craniofacial, Cosmetic dentistry, whitening, Orthodontic braces, Corrective Jaw or orthognathic surgery, & nasal surgery.
Government Dental Hospital at Chennai and private hospitals namely Balaji Dental Hospital, Acharya Dental, Apollo White Dental, RR Dental Hospital, Vasan Dental Care, Meenakshi Ammal Dental College and Hospital are some busy establishments in this business.                                                                                
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