NEURO AND ORTHO : Neurology encompasses all aspects of medicine and surgery, but is closer to Orthopaedic Surgery than many other specialties. Both neurological deficits and bone disorders lead to locomotor system abnormalities, joint complications and limb problems. The main neurological conditions that require the attention of an orthopaedic surgeon are disorders that affect the lower motor neurones. The most common disorders in this group include neuromuscular disorders and traumatic peripheral nerve lesions. Upper motor neurone disorders such as cerebral palsy and stroke are also frequently seen and discussed, as are chronic conditions such as poliomyelitis. The management of these neurological problems is often coordinated in the neurology clinic, and this group, probably more than any other, requires a multidisciplinary team approach. Diagnostic approaches, management, rehabilitation and Orthopaedic treatment of these conditions, with the exception of the peripheral nerve injuries, which require a separate review. COSH, MIOT, Apollo Hospitals, Ortho & Neuro Rehabilitation Centre, Sundaram Medical Foundation, Vijaya Hospital and Global Health City are few options available for this twin department.
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