TRANSPLANTATION: Transplantation is nothing but a transfer (engraftment) of human cells, tissues or organs from a donor to a recipient with the aim of restoring function(s) in the recipient’s body. When transplantation is performed between two different species, e.g. animal to human, it is named xeno transplantation. Donations from deceased persons should be developed to their maximum therapeutic potential, avoiding whenever possible, the inherent risks to donors, as stated in WHO Guiding Principle 3. There is a recognized need for communities, and health professionals, to become better educated about donation and transplantation and that is the key to the success of ‘deceased’ donation programs. These days we see a change in the mindset of people. They voluntarily donate the organs of their Brain Dead Kith and Kin to the needy. Transplantation may entail ethical and safety risks for both the recipient and the donor, strict controls and effective oversight should be carried out by the health authorities to protect them. Government General Hospital now named as Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital (RGGGH) in Chennai performed first ever Transplant in 1987 and performed its 1000th kidney transplant on March 2012, the highest in any government hospital in the country, of which about 90 were cadaver transplants. COSH, MIOT, Apollo Hospitals, Ortho & Neuro Rehabilitation Centre, Sundaram Medical Foundation, Vijaya Hospital and Global Health City too are capable of performing such Transplantations.
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